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Online classes are now available for TBC (Total Body Conditioning), Pilates, and Senior Fit classes. Fill out the submission form below to book. 

Zoom Class Schedule


(aka TBC)

8aam Monday, Wednesday & Friday

This class has it all. Each week is a different workout using cardio, weights, bands, modified kickboxing, ballet, full body no-equipment and more. Give your entire body a kickstart in the morning.  All levels are welcome and it's always safe.  Give it a try!   


Tuesday & Thursday


All you need is a mat for this full body workout using just your body and gravity as your tools.  Great for building core, all around strength and flexibility. 


(aka Sr Fit)

9:30am Tuesday & Thursday 

This class works on balance and agility, with light cardio, full body strength and flexibility, fall prevention and cognitive strength too! You will need a sturdy chair with no arm rests, weights, a flat band and a ball.  

Thanks for submitting!

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